Our Letter to Targets

Hi there, we’re so glad you’re reading this!

To start off, we’re really sorry that you’ve had to deal with sexual harassment at the workplace. No one deserves to experience that.

We spend most of our time at work, often 8+ hours a day. We go to work to feel challenged, motivated, and fulfilled by the impact we have on the world. However, when sexual harassment happens, the place we once felt excited and safe to go to suddenly feels foreign and hostile.

You’re not alone. The reality is that 1 in 3 women have experienced sexual harassment at work and 71% of incidents go unreported.


This problem is not exclusive to women either. Anyone can be subject to sexual harassment.

Why does sexual harassment go unreported? Here are some of the most common reasons:

  1. Fear of Retaliation — I’m scared that I might be fired, demoted, or punished for reporting sexual harassment.

  2. Distrust in HR — Human Resource’s role is to protect the company and doesn’t have my best interests at heart.

  3. Bystander Apathy — When I witness sexual harassment, I assume someone else will report it.

  4. Uncertainty around what is considered sexual harassment — Is this serious enough to report?

  5. Avoiding drama — I’m worried it will blow up bigger than I want it to, like getting someone fired or having to go to trial against the company.

Sound familiar? It’s natural to be cautious about reporting sexual harassment, and that’s ok! Let’s tackle all the reasons why we might not report sexual harassment, and remind ourselves of all the reasons why we really should. Sexual harassment is not just wrong, it’s illegal!

During these last few months, we talked to hundreds of people (including, but not limited to targets of harassment, Human Resource departments, founders, investors, and employment lawyers) to understand the full landscape of harassment and translate these findings into a simple, but comprehensive guide on what to do if you experience sexual harassment at work.

We hope our guide empowers you to ask questions, get advice, and take action. In the next couple sections, you’ll find details about your rights, some free resources you didn’t know existed, and tips on how to take action.

Let our voices be heard. The more we speak up, the more we can push for change.


With love,

Team BetterBrave