I’m an employer. What are some things I can implement in my workplace?

(1) Implement policies that encourage employees to speak up

Companies should have policies, practices, and a culture that encourages harassment victims and witnesses to speak up. Employees should feel safe reporting themselves and reporting on behalf of their colleagues.

(2) Offer proper training (including bystander training) for all employees

All companies should offer training for all employees, not just supervisors, about what to do when they witness or experience sexual harassment at work.

We want to challenge companies to think about training as more than just a mandatory checklist item. Instead, the training should an engaging way to talk about creating a positive and respectful workplace.

The EEOC has compiled a more complete checklist of policies and procedures that can be implemented by companies to help foster this positive and inclusive culture: https://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/task_force/harassment/checklists.cfm.

(3) Look for outside experts to give guidance on improving company culture

An outside third party can help take an objective look at your areas for improvements and successes. Implementing their recommendations can significantly improve culture.



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