Guide for Documentation

We created a reference guide so that you can organize your thoughts clearly around the incident(s) that occurred. These are common questions that will be asked if you decide to report. Please store this file in a safe place. 

Choose a guide based on the status of your employment:

Find a Lawyer

Check out this list of lawyer directories to help you find a great lawyer in your state (in which the incident occurred): 

Sometimes it takes a few different calls with different lawyers to find the one that will best represent you or give you legal advice so don't be discouraged if the first lawyer you call isn't the right fit. 


Lawyers have different pricing structures so be sure to ask them about it. If you decide to proceed with any of these lawyers, some will charge an hourly rate, while others will charge on contingency (no charges up front and will only take a portion of anything you settle or win.)

Before the call

In preparation for the call with a lawyer, you should check out these different guides (above) to help you document and think through all the details of your situation.