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About Our Application

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Attorney Application

How BetterBrave Works

Step 1

BetterBrave visitors fill out a form to connect with a lawyer.

Step 2

BetterBrave hops on a quick call with intake to confirm basic information then routes intake to a lawyer in our network for a free consultation.

Step 3

BetterBrave will check in with the intakes a week after their call with a lawyer to get feedback on their experience.

All interactions between the lawyers and intakes are independent of BetterBrave.

Application Process (1-2 Weeks)

We're taking a limited number of attorneys per state.

Round 1

Submit your application.

Round 2

Phone interview.

Round 3

Invitations to join our network go out.


We are currently not charging any fees to intakes nor lawyers in our network, but pricing is subject to change. We will always notify you about any updates to our pricing.